Sig Dreyer
Created by F. Paul Wilson

Another gloomy future. Most of the Earth's population has got while the getting's good, abandoning the ol' home planet for the safety of outer space. The few that have stuck around, have to make do with a world where, thanks to genetic engineering and cloning, anyone with the scratch can have a pet tyrannosaurus rex as a pet (and you thought pit bulls were bad) or a movie star for a date. That's the way things go in Dydeetown world, a place where dreams are for sale, and everything else will go for whatever anyone can get. It's like a Sin city version of Clones-R-Us.

SIG DREYER is the down-at-the-heels private op, complete with cockroach droppings on his desk, who's trying to keep body and soul together and just not doing too well. And then this Jean Harlow dame comes waltzing in, see?

Best known for his horror writing, Wilson is also responsible for the adventures of REPAIRMAN JACK, a gadget freak that runs a little justice-for-hire business.


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