Payton Sherwood
Created by Russell Atwood

New York City is private eye PAYTON SHERWOOD's turf, and if occasionally the streets seem a bit more hinky than mean, well, so be it. Author Russell Atwood has delivered an eye that acknowledges the traditions of the P.I. genre, while still having a bit of fun with it, and adding a touch of pure New York. Payton's not the world's greatest detective, but he manages to scratch out a living in New York City's East Village.

A former managing editor of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Atwood's first story featuring Sherwood, "East of A", appeared in that magazine in 1996. A few years later, he returned, with a novel that takes the basic ingredients of the short story, a tough little shaggy dog tale, and the title, and runs with it, playing it very much for laughs, at times. Mind you, it isn't all some lightweight, tongue-in-cheek almost-spoof. Atwood knows what he's doing. He turns around and delivers the goods.

Payton's an appealingly low-key eye, a soft touch when it comes to kids, comfortable in his East Village digs, a true New Yorker. One of the more enjoyable P.I. yarns stories set in New York in a while. And even better news was that, ten years later, Payton returned in Losers Live Longer, a snazzy paperback original put out by the boys at HardCaseCrime, with snazzy (and sideways) cover art by pulp legend Robert McGinnis.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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