Joshua Sharp

Created by Peter Berry?

The Big Guy was an unusual private investigator: a gentle giant and single parent of two adorable offspring. He got his nickname from his kids (his shoes measured a whopping size 902 in a triple D); his real name was JOSHUA SHARP and he was played on this short-lived 1950 NBC radio series by John Henry Calvin, best known for his portayal of Sgt. Garcia in Disney's Zorro TV show.

The two children, Josh Jr. and Debbie were played by David Anderson and Denise Alexander (later Joan Lazer). A group of familiar West Coast actors filled out the cast, including Bill Zuckert, Joseph Bell, and Linda Watkins.

Sharp took any case for the right fee and solved it with dispatch. His children occasionaly got him involved in cases he didn't choose. In fact, although the kids occasionally seemed to grab more mike time than one might hope for in a private eye series, they didn't really slow down the action much.

Unfortunately, the show didn't catch on with the listening public; it debuted in May 1950 and was pulled off the air by October. The writing may have been part of the problem; scripter Peter Berry occasionally referred to a "burglary" as a "robbery."

A total of three episodes have survived, including the first show and the last one.


    (1950, NBC)
    First broadcast: May 7, 1950
    Last broadcast: October 29, 1950
    Written by Peter Berry
    Starring John Henry Calvin as JOSHUA SHARP
    with David Anderson as Josh Jr.
    and Denise Alexander (later Joan Lazer) as Debbie
    Also starring Bill Zuckert, Joseph Bell, Linda Watkins

  • "The Unheard Voice" (May 7, 1950)
  • "The Case of the Villanious Friend" (August 27, 1950)
  • "The Patent Leather Bag" (October 29, 1950)

Contributed by Jack French, with supplemental information supplied by Kevin Burton Smith.

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