Nick Sharman
Created by Mark Timlin

South London private eye NICK SHARMAN's become something of a sensation in England. He and his creator, Mark Timlin, seem intent on terrorizing the cozy-loving tea and crumpet set over there, both on paper and in real life. Sharman is yet another down and out ex-cop, although this time he doesn't have a booze problem-- refreshingly, it's a dope habit. And his personal life ain't no bed of roses neither. Poor Nick, he seems addicted to troublesome women, including his ex-wife, his eleven-year old daughter, Judith, his topless model girlfriend Fiona, and his best pal Wanda, who's dying.

A rather bleak, nasty series, more Spillane than Chandler, that's proven to be rather popular in England, spawning (or at least leading) a wave of British hardboiled writing and even a television series, which Timlin seems to be satisfied with. Mind you, he's also quipped, that "As long as the cheque clears," he's satisfied.

Of course, not everyone's in love with Nick. He's unrepentantly and unapologetically hard-boiled, and he tends, horror of horrors, to speak his mind. Timlin's bounced from publisher to publisher, and the short-lived television series based on his hero was deemed "A national disgrace" by The Daily Mail, in the wake of Dunblain, and the series was yanked. I dunno, sounds like the right stuff to me.

Besides American pulp fiction, author Timlin seems to have a thing for American pop music, naming various novels and short stories after the songs of such diverse artists as Tom Waits, Steve Forbert, George Jones, Duke Ellington and Bob Seger. In a former life, he was a roadie for rock groups such as T-Rex and The Who.






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