Phil Scrotty
(The Corridor People)

Created by Edward Boyd

PHIL SCROTTY was a private eye and Bogart-wannabe hired to track down the missing owner of a cosmetics company in The Corridor People, a quirky four-part miniseries that appeared on British television in the 1960's. In the course of his investigation, his path crosses that of KROCK, a CID man, and his two assistants, Inspector Blood and Sergeant Hound (honest! those are their names!), who are officially working on the case. It turns out the big shot has been kidnapped by the "glamorous international villianess" Syrie Von Epp, who's after the secret formula for a perfume that deprives people of their senses for twenty-four hours (of course!).

Not your average private eye show, then. In The Boxtree Encyclopedia of TV Detrectives, Geoff Tiballs says the show "leaned...towards the surrealism of The Avengers." Visitor to this site Richard Whiting, of the U.K., fondly remembers the show, although he admits his parents thought it "utter rubbish."


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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