Ann Scotland
An old-time radio drama, featuring Arlene Francis as California P. I. ANN SCOTLAND. Popular stage, film, and television star Arlene Francis had the lead in the ABC radio show THE AFFAIRS OF ANN SCOTLAND, produced in Hollywood under the sponsorship of the Hudnut Corporation. It ran from October 1946 to January 1947. Ken Niles was the announcer, Helen Mack directed, and Del Castillo provided organ music interludes.

Since no episodes of this program have survived and no scripts have surfaced, we shall have to rely on Francis' memories of this lady PI series. In her 1978 autobiography, published by Simon & Schuster, she recalls: "I was playing a sexy girl detective, sort of a private eyelash...who trapped her quarry with guile and feminine wiles." While doing this show, Francis was pregnant so "....I could hardly get close to the microphone. I could have been called Scotland Yard because that's how wide I was. But my voice still dripped with the breathy nuance of 'Come up and see me sometime.' My friend, Claire Trevor. listening to the show in New York, sent me a wire saying, 'You don't sound the least bit pregnant, but you do sound as though you might be at any moment'..."


Contributed by Jack French.

NOTE: Publicity photo of Arlene Francis as Ann Scotland taken from Jack's Lady Crimefighters, an excellent essay on Ann and other "private eyelashes" of radio.

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