Pete Sawyer-The Stone Angel
Created by Marvin H. Albert (1924-1996; AKA Mike Barone, J.D. Christilain, Al Conroy, Albert Conroy, Ian MacAlister, Nick Quarry and Anthony Rome)

PETE SAWYER , a transplanted American living and working on the French Riviera as a private eye, first appeared in the 1978 hardcover The Dark Goddess, but continued in the paperback series that began with 1986's Stone Angel, as a partner in a Parisian detective agency with Fritz Donhoff.

A prolific writer (also, alas, admittedly also something of a hack at times), Albert has written as J. D. Christilian, Anthony Rome and Nick Quarry). Probably his best known character is Tony Rome, which later became a film vehicle for Frank Sinatra, but he has also created other eyes, including Harp and Jake Barrow, which many regard as his best work. And he's been known to write quite a few quite decent Westerns (several of which came very close to hard-boiled/noir territory) as well.

In the early 1980's, Albert moved to France, where he was widely admired, and lived there until his death in 1996. After his death, a collection of short stories by French writers was published, as a literary "hommage" to Albert.


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