Peter Salem
Created by Louis Vittes

Mutual aired The Affairs of Peter Salem 30 minute show from New York City from May 1949 to April 1953, but despite this large number of broadcasts, not a single complete episode has apparently survived. However, in November 2003 a fragment of one episode, the first five minutes of a 1953 one entitled "The Affair of the Murderous Mirror" was discovered by an Arkansas professor. The segment is being shared with the OTR community by Jack French and Jim Widner on the latter's website, where it can be downloaded.

The series was probably a very good one since it was produced by the very talented Himan Brown, written by Louis Vittes (Two on a Clue, Adventures of the Thin Man, The Saint and Mr. & Mrs. North), and starred Santos Ortega. This skillful actor was, at different times, also the voice of radio detectives Nero Wolfe, Charlie Chan, Hannibal Cobb, and Bulldog Drummond .

PETER SALEM was a consulting investigator who used his deductive abilities and brilliant wit to overcome slick criminals in and around New York City. He was usually assisted by his sidekick, Marty, portrayed by Jack Grimes. Others frequently in the cast were Everett Sloane, Ann Shepherd, and Lius Van Rooten.



Contributed by Jack French.

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