Jim Sader
Created by Dolores Hitchens (AKA D.B. Olsen, Dolan Birkeley, Noel Burke; 1907-73)

Long Beach, California private eye and reformed (or trying to be) alcoholic JIM SADER appeared in two excellent novels written by Delores Hitchens. Jim, who served in World War II in Army Intelligence is partners with Dan Scarborough in a private detective agency, which specializes is finding missing persons. In true Chandleresque fashion, Jim can't help but end up getting involved in his cases, and bearing the weight of the world on his broad, if slightly-stooped, shoulders.

Hitchens wrote a lot of potboilers, mostly lighthearted mysteries, featuring gently entertaining detectives. Her best work was definitely the Sader books. It's a shame they're almost forgotten now. When they first came out, they received favorable press fromAnthony Boucher in The New York Times and Sleep With Slander (1960), is considered "the best hardboiled private eye novel written by a woman--and one of the best written by anybody" by Bill Pronzini in 1001 Midnights.

Put Jim Sader in the same small category as Howard Browne's Paul Pine and Leigh Brackett's Ed Clive as one of the few post-Chandler eyes who could stand proudly alongside Marlowe himself.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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