Mike Rose
Created by Michael Ventura

Small time Las Vegas private peeper MIKE ROSE has a love/hate relationship with the city on the sands. His mother was a showgirl, and his dad was a small-time thug, or at least that's what he always thought. Then his frequently-institutionalized brother Avi lets slip a few words in the wrong ears and old family secrets are coming home to roost. Also, old Family secrets, if you catch my drift.

Ssuddenly Mike's whole world turns upside down.

An excellent, ambitious book, deliciously dark, if possibly a tad overwritten; possibly the best private eye novel ever set in Vegas. By the way, this was set in 1993, and was written several years before Sinatra moved to the other side of the lawn.

More, please, Mr. Ventura.


  • "...could be the best mystery of the year."
    -- Chicago Tribune

  • "Ventura ably captures the contrasts among the sun-splashed, forbidding desert outside Vegas, the shabbiness of the daylight city and the neon-lit nighttime surrealism of a place where there are no clocks and no one sleeps. The impending demolition of the landmark Dunes hotel to clear the way for a new generation of bigger and better casinos is typical of the brooding symbolism he employs to highlight the vanity and transience of materialism. Ventura vivifies the myth of Vegas here, inducing a sense of a place that is its own reality as he offers a chilling look at the influence of organized crime in today's Sodom and Gomorrah."
    Publisher's Weekly



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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