Robin Scott
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The Case of the Dangerous Robin was an early sixties TV show relating the investigations of freelance insurance investigator ROBIN SCOTT, which take him all over the world. He's lean, athletic, knows Judo and Karate, and is an Oxford graduate. And he's rich, to boot. His lovely, and wealthy girlfriend and sometime-partner, Phyllis, is always trying to get him to the altar, when they're not going after "The Cheaters," those who would bilk kindly insurance companies with false claims.

Scott worked closely with the police, all over the world, where his reputation often precedes him, and, although he remains faithful to Phyllis, he's not above using a little flirting to wheedle information out of beautiful women.

Actor Rick Jason later went on to star in Combat!


    (1961, Syndicated)
    Black and White
    38 30-minute episodes
    Writers Robert C. Dennis, Arthur Weiss
    Directors James Goldstone, Alvin Granger, Jack Herzberg
    Starring Rick Jason as ROBIN SCOTT
    and Jean Blake as Phyllis Collier

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