Created by Tom Epperson

"How can I hold anything against you when you hold me against you?"
-- Jade proves hokey dialogue still lives.

In A Gun, a Car, a Blonde, Jim Metzler stars as RICHARD, a spine cancer survivor who deals with his pain by "daydreaming" he's a noir PI named Rick. Great supporting performances by John Ritter, Kay Lenz, Billy Bob Thornton and Victor Love, among others, all pulling double duty as characters in both Richard's "real" and "fantasy" lives, very reminiscent of The Singing Detective.

A smart, entertaining film, as well as a well-written tribute to poorly-written film noir private eye flicks from the thirties and forties, by Tom Epperson, who co-wrote One False Move, another great neo-noir film. Complete with lines that are so bad they're good (see above). A smart spoof of dumb movies, and the winner of the Best Film award at the Saguaro Film Festival in 1997.


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