Savannah Reid

Created by G.A. McKevett (pseud. of Sonja Massie)

My first reaction was: Uh-oh! Cuteness alert! I'd never read this series, but it was about a "saucy" female California P.I. with a cute first name, Georgia-born SAVANNAH REID, and boasted a food theme running through her titles. Hell, even the covers -- brightly coloured, and focused on mouther-watering depictions of desserts -- were cute.

But there's a little more going on than I first thought. It turns out that Savannah is, um, a gravitationally-challenged (the publishers prefer "plus-sized") kinda gal who started up her own Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency in San Carmelita after she was dumped from the local police force for being overweight. She may be especially fond of desserts, but she's no pushover -- she's a karate expert who knows how to handle herself.

The series may be lightweight, but Savannah isn't. Sure, it's all as cute as a box of puppies -- but Savannah, when you least expect it, delivers a surprising amount of grit and wit.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Jan.

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