Jeff Regan

Jeff Regan, Investigator was one of the three detective shows Jack Webb did before Dragnet (see also Pat Novak For Hire and Johnny Modero: Pier 23). It debuted on CBS in July 1948. Webb played JEFF REGAN, a rough-and-tough private eye working for the Los Angeles-based International Detective Bureau, run by Anthony J. Lyon. Regan introduced himself on each show "I get ten a day and expenses...they call me the Lyon's Eye."

The show was fairly well-plotted, Webb's voice was great, and the supporting cast were skillful.

Regan handled rough assignments from Lyon, with whom he was not always on good terms. He was tough, tenacious, and had a dry sense of humor. The voice of his boss, Anthony Lyon, was Wilms Herbert. The show ended in December 1948 but was resurrected in October 1949 with a new cast; Frank Graham played Regan (later Paul Dubrov was the lead) and Frank Nelson portrayed Lyon. This version ran on CBS, sometimes as a West Coast regional, until August 1950. Both versions were 30 minutes, but the day and time slot changed several times. A total of 29 episodes from this series are in trading currency.


    (1948, CBS)
    30-minute episodes
    Director: Sterling Tracy
    Starring Jack Webb as JEFF REGAN
    and Wilms Herbert as Anthony Lyon
    Guest stars: Herb Butterfield, Lawrence Dobkin, Barry Kroeger, Lurene Tuttle, Ed Begley, Wilms Herbert, Betty Lou Gerson

  • "The Prodigal Daughter" (July 17, 1948)
  • "The Lonesome Lady" (July 24, 1948)
  • "The Lady with the Golden Hair" (July 31, 1948)
  • "The Man Who Liked Mountains" (August 7, 1948)
  • "The Diamond Quartet" (August 14, 1948)
  • "The Man Who Came Back" (August 21, 1948)
  • "The Man in the Door" (August 28, 1948),
  • "The House by the Sea" (September 4, 1948)
  • "Cain and Abel and the Santa Maria" (September 11, 1948)
  • "The Man with the Key" (October 2, 1948)
  • "The Many Mrs. Rogers" (October09, 1948)
  • "The Lost Lady" (October 16, 1948)
  • "The Lady with Too Much Hair" (November 6, 1948)
  • "The Guy from Gower Gulch" (November 13, 1948)
  • "The Pilgrim's Progress" (November 20, 1948)
  • "The Man Who Fought Back" (November 27, 1948)

    (1949-50, CBS)
    30-minute episodes
    Starring Frank Graham as JEFF REGAN
    (later replaced by Paul Dubrov)
    and Frank Nelson as Anthony Lyon
    Guests stars: Frank Nelson, William Conrad, Arthur Q. Bryan, Lurene Tuttle

  • "A Streetcar Named Schultz" (January 18, 1950)
  • "The Barefoot Boy with Shoes Gone" (January 25, 1950)
  • "The Gorilla That Always Said Yeh-ah" (February 22, 1950)
  • " Loe the Gentle Earth Worm " (March 15, 1950)"The Hollywood Story" (March 22, 1950)
  • "A Tree Grows In Encino" (April 5, 1950)
  • "The Smell of Magnolias" (April 19, 1950)
  • "It All Comes Back to Me Now" (April 26, 1950)
  • "A Cure For Insomnia" (May 3, 1950)
  • "Oil for the Lamps of Burbank" (May 12, 1950)
  • "A Claw, A Corkscrew, A Coffin, A Crab" (May 19, 1950)
  • "This May Hurt Just a Little" (May 26, 1950)

Respectfully submitted by Jack French.

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