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Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

August 2015 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Gifford, Justin, Street Poison: The Biography of Iceberg Slim. Buy this book...Buy the audio...Kindle it!
    You say that Slim was a mean mutha? One of the most influential crime writers of the last century, finally gets a decent biography. Can ya dig it?

April 2015 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Hubin, Allen J., Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2010 (revised)...Buy the CD-ROM
    The latest (and possibly last) installment in the landmark reference series, listing almost every English-language mystery ever written. His original edition instantly became a touchstone for mystery geeks everywhere, and this revised edition, updated to 2010, is purportedly the last CD edition. There are links by author, book, story, pseudonym, by co-author, contents, chronology, and even by movies based on the author's books, and works about the author. The CD-ROM lists for a mere $49.95, while the original print edition clocked in somewhere around $400 or so back at the dawn of time. Do the math. For additional information, head to . Locus Online

March 2015 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Barnes, Melvyn, Francis Duridge: A Centenary Appreciation
    An annotated listing of the works of Francis Durbridge, the creator of iconic Britsh radio eye Paul Temple.
  • Block, Lawrence, The Crime of Our Lives...Kindle it!
    Block does it again, cobbling together a book out of bits and pieces of other books. His previous instant book, Afterthoughts, cleverly rounded up the introductions he'd written for his own books; this one rounds up the articles, essays and introductions he's written over the years for other people's books. It makes for a fascinating and entertaining account one man's take on crime fiction over the years. Witty, provocative, cranky and affectionate, it's a cheeky and rollicking read not to be missed, as Block pays tribute to, among others, Chandler, Hammett, Westlake, McBain, Gar Haywood, Spillane and Gorman.
  • White, Kate, editor, The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook...Buy this book...Kindle it!
    "Wickedly Good Meals and Desserts to Die For" by the likes of Lee Child, Max Allan and Barbara Collins,Mary Higgins Clark, Harlan Coben, Bill Pronzini, David Housewright, Sara Paretsky, Gillian Flynn, Sue Grafton, Richard Castle, Twist Phelan, James Patterson, Jacqueline Winspear, Louise Penny and Scott Turow.

December 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

November 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • McGinnis, Robert E., & Art Scott, The Art of Robert E. McGinnis (art book)...Buy this book
    The legendary illustrator Robert E. McGinnis did it all: movie posters, magazines and, of course, about a zillion paperback covers by the likes of everyone from Brett Halliday to Carter Brown, and one look at this handsomely presented volume (put together by long-time McGinnis aficiando Art Scott, will simply have you howling for more, more, more.

October 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Cooper, Kim, The Raymond Chandler Map of Los Angeles (map)...Buy the map
    Yep, an actual map, spotlighting actual locations taken from Chandler's works (including the films) and his life.
  • Mann, William J., Tinseltown (true crime) . Buy this book . Buy the audio . Kindle it!
    The subtitle promises "Murder, Madness and Morphine at the Dawn of Hollywood" -- what more could you want? The murder of hot shot film director William Desmond Taylor is still unsolved, but Mann certainly presents a compelling case. Hollywood as Babylon? You're soaking in it.

September 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Westlake, Donald, The Getaway Car (non-fiction) ..Buy this book..Kindle it!
    Bits and pieces of a writer's life, including unpublished fiction, parts of an uncompleted autobiography, assorted correspondence, an extended history of private eye fiction and even a recipe for something called "Sloth à la Dortmunder.

July 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Duncan, Paul, & Jürgen Müller, Film Noir: 100 All-Time Favorites.. Buy this book
    What with all the whiskey fumes and cigarette smoke getting in their eyes, sometimes movies can go too fast for you to catch all the cinematic nuances. So along comes this hefty five-pound slab of a book to lend a hand. It's crammed with loads of glorious photos (many in glorious black and white!) and thoughtful essays on what the authors consider the 100 greatest examples of the genre, from early, ground zero German and French silent films right through the classic period and all the way to such modern neo-noir outliers as Black Swan, Sin City and The Dark Knight. Yummy.

June 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Dugain, Marc, Avenue of the Giants (true crime).. Buy this book. Kindle it!
    Compelling story of real-life seven foot tall American serial killer Al Kenner who prowled the states in the 60s and 70s.

  • Kabatchnik, Amnon, Blood on the Stage: 480 B.C. to 1600 A.D... Buy this book. Kindle it!
    Subtitled "An Annotated Repertoire," this is the latest volume in Kabatchnik's staggeringly ambitious project to list the theatrical milestones of "murder, mystery and mayhem" throughout history. Other volumes range from 1900-1925, 1925-1950, and 1950-1975, but this one reaches a lot further back, and really shows the depth of the author's scholarship (and obsession), as he tackles the earliest of theatrical murder mysteries, covering everything from Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus (480 B.C.) to Hamlet by some cat named Shakespeare (c. 1600 A.D.), with well-researched entries on works by Sophocles, Christopher Marlowe, Euripedes, Thomas Kyd, Seneca, The Wakefield Master and others. Bravo!

May 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Dunn, George A. (editor), Veronica Mars and Philosophy: Investigating the Mysteries of Life (Which is a Bitch Until You Die)....Buy this book
    Part of the popular Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, a weird combination of ching-ching marketing and a serious discussion of serious philosophical issues raised by various popular pop culture phenomena, from Batman to The Simpsons. Next stop, Neptune High.

  • Rolfe, Lee, From Jack to Jodi... and Other Criminal Matters (non-fiction). Buy the book
    A collection of quizzes, over 400 of them, on all matters of crime, both true and fictional.

  • Spencer, Shawn, & Burton Guster, Psych's Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified.. Buy the book
    Perhaps not as thorough as The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook, and with less recipes than
    The Nancy Drew Cookbook, this handsome volume nonetheless fills that annoying gap on your shelf between the two, with totally awesome tips on setting up a bitchin' detective office, how to pick up chicks at a crime scene and other pointers on achieving crime-fighting awesomeness. Written by Shawn and Gus from the TV show. Sure.

February 2014 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime

  • Cline, Sally, Dashiell Hammett: Man of Mystery....Buy this book...Buy the audiobook
    In a brief, roughly ten year burst of creativity, Dashiell Hammett pretty much changed the face of crime fiction, adding grit and literary heft to the genre -- and then he inexplicably quit writing for the last thirty years of his messy, controversial life -- a mystery that still hasn't been cracked. But that doesn'ty stop biographers from trying. This punchy new and apparently agenda-free bio gives Hammett's messy, controversial life another shake, hoping something new will fall out. Cline is to be commended for cutting to the chase, sidestepping much of the revisionism of previous biographies and trying to get down to some sort of truth, as well as weighing in on the literary side of things, all while trying to put everything into the context of the times. You can argue with some of her conclusions, but this seems to be the most authoritative attempt so far -- or at least until the next one comes out.

    Sloniowski, Jeannette & Marilyn Rose, Detecting Canada: Essays on Canadian Crime Fiction, Television, and Film....Buy this book
    Touting itself as "th
    e first serious book-length study of crime writing in Canada," this scholarly tome contains thirteen essays on some of Canadaís most popular crime writers, including Peter Robinson, Giles Blunt, Gail Bowen, Thomas King, Michael Slade, Margaret Atwood, and Anthony Bidulka, and takes itself very seriously indeed. "Mounties and Metaphysics in Canadian Film and Television," anyone?

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