Word on the Street
What's new in the P.I. world...

Want to be listed in this section?

Okay, but evidently, a few ground rules are necessary. Some of you just don't get it...

First of all, this is a one-man gig, for the most part. Be patient.

Secondly, I'm NOT going to list every single book, comic, movie and TV show out there just because you have something to plug. And I'm sure as hell not going to be responsible for listing every digital piece of 99 cent (or less!) self-published piece of doggy doo out there. That way lies madness.

WHAT I AM going to TRY is to list all the stuff that looks promising and that's RELEVANT to this site and its readers, with a HEAVY emphasis on PRIVATE EYE AND DETECTIVE FICTION.

What's new, what's notable, what's relevant. That kinda stuff.

Don't know what a private eye is? Read this.


Oh, and when I mean what's new, I don't mean a five year old book.

So, if you think your work qualifies, if you think you have something to bring to the dance, let me know.

And if you think inclusion on this list (and a possible entry on your private eye just isn't enough), please consider advertising with us.

Got it?


Ask away. But as you know, I'm a man who likes to talk to a man who likes to talk...

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"And I'll tell you right out that I'm a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk."

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