Max Raven
Created by O.G. Benson (1927-2002)

"My fist hit him and the scream died as a gurgle in his throat. I hit him again and felt the jar wrench my shoulder. He slid down the wall like a punctured bag of sand and I kicked him in the face."

MAX RAVEN's a Chicago P.I., still smarting from a divorce, who falls -- but hard -- for his client, Naomi Cain, the young, beautiful, lusty wife of an elderly millionaire. Seems someone's threatening to toss around some pornographic photos she once posed for.

Excellent one-shot. A lost classic. Really!

The author, as far as I can tell, never wrote another P.I. novel. He was evidently a fairly accomplished painter so maybe his interests lay elsewhere, but it's still regrettable he never wrote more, because this book was really something special, a tough, violent read with some great lines,appealingly flawed and emotonally honest characters and a plot that, even now, seems fresh and innovative.

Oh, and the O.G. stood for Orwin Gaylord. No wonder he used his initials.


  • "... the best private detective novel of the post Chandler era. "
    -- Mr. Brian, Vintage Paperback Cover Art

  • "Emphasis is less on the sexy and violent elements of the story than on the interesting people along the way. . . . It's a good solid debut and one looks forward to more of Raven and Benson.''
    -- Anthony Boucher, New York Times



  • One Shot Eyes:
    Some great private eyes who've appearred in only one novel.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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