Alex Rada
Created by Henry F. Mazel

Formerly one of New York's finest, ALEX RADA has recently lost his wife as well as his badge. He's working as a P.I. now, out of his threadbare apartment in the East Village. He's an appealing, more than a little human, character, an amiable curmudgeon. When he's not grieving over his dead wife, he worries a lot about Communist conspiracies, and how he can hold on to his gun better.

Alex made his debut in 1998's Murderously Incorrect, one of the first of what would be a glut of self-published POD novels to hit the internet in the next few years. but the book was far ahead of the curve, actually winning the 1999 On-Line Mystery Award for Best First Mystery, before the on-line world was likewise flooded with dubious "awards" generally bestowed upon and by self-published authors to each other.

Author Henry Mazel has enjoyed a career as an award-winning filmmaker, playwright, and screenwriter. He's written work for film and stage, and is a past recipient of the Cine Eagle award. He is a member of The Writers Guild of America and The Mystery Writers of America. Mostly, he divides his time between Manhattan and Chinese restaurants throughout New York City too numerous to mention. He assures us that there will bemore Alex to come.





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