Daniel Profit & Sheen Vicedomini
Created by James Colbert

Under a cloud of suspicion in the wake of a couple of vigilante-style killings, SHEEN VICEDOMINI quits the NOPD and goes to work for DANIEL PROFIT, his girfriend's coke dealer.

But things backfire, Profit loses part of his hand in a shooting anf his girlfriend is killed is a hit-and-run accident that Vicedomi suspects Profit may have been behind.

Determined to seek vengeance, Vicedomi relies on info provided from friends on the force to go after Profit, only to have Profit become his unlikely ally when a giant web of police corruption is discovered in the mismatched duo's one and only appearance to date in James Colbert's Profit And Sheen (1986).

The author is a former cop who has since written several crime novels and thrillers. Profit and Sheen was his first novel.


  • "Colbert's first novel is complicated and authentically gritty. His quick-paced story grabs the reader's attention and sustains interest through the twists and turns of the unpredictable plot."
    Publisher's Weekly



Recommended by O'Neil De Noux, another cop-turned-writer, who also writes about a New Orleans P.I., Lucien Caye., with additional info provided by Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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