Highland Park Price
by Dale Clark (pseudonym of Ronal Kayser, other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton; 1905-1988)

Like more than a few private eyes from the pulps, Dale Clark's gadget-obsessed HIGHLAND PARK PRICE may not be quite as crooked as he seems.

Although he has a penchant for stringing along his more shady clients, and soaking them for huge fees (his nickname is "High Price"), he's basically a good guy who uses his image as a crook to attract victims...er clients. Sam Spade would understand. And long-suffering secretary Beulah Randy tries to keep it that way.

The stories, which appeared in Dime Detective, were played for laughs, reminiscent of the work of such fellow pulpsters as Norbert Davis or Richard Sale, two other regular contributors.


  • "Slay, Fido, Slay" (November 1944, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Shaved Slugs" (Jan uary1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Corpses on Parade" (March 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Let's Trade Corpses" (May 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Death Feeds the Kitty" (June 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Corpses Can't Climb Trees" (September 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Corpses in Pawn" (October 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Slay Close to Me" (December 1945, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Better Late Than Cadaver" (May 1946, Dime Detective Magazine)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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