Duke Pizzatello
Created by Robert Leslie Bellem (1902-1968)

"I aimed my own roscoe from the hip. It said: "Chow-chow!" and belched two slugs through Mason's right leg. The slugs kicked his gam from under him, and he spun around and sat down on the floor and got a silly look on his hard boiled pan..."
Duke takes care of business

Best known for creating Hollywood eye Dan Turner, he of the sneezing and chow-chowing roscoes and about a zillion stories in the pulps, Bellem somehow still found time to write a novel featuring another private skulk, hardboiled, wise-cracking DUKE PIZZATELLO of the Kohlar Agency who's on the trail of a sadistic killer. Rest assured--bullets will fly and roscoes will sneeze!

With over 3000 pulp stories to his credit, it's no surprise Bellem created a few non-Turner P.I.s. Others included Cliff Downey and Nick Ransom.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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