Mary Vance

MISS PINKERTON, INC. was a summer show that NBC ran in 1941 and starred the then-husband and-wife team of Joan Blondell and Dick Powell. (The latter, of course, also was the lead in RICHARD DIAMOND and ROGUE'S GALLERY.) In this series, Blondell played MARY VANCE, a law school graduate who inherits her uncle's private detective agency. She is pitted against NYC police Sgt. Dennis Murray (Dick Powell) and, at first, they cannot stand each other. Supporting cast members included Gale Gordon and Hanley Stafford.

Unfortunately, only the audition show has survived, but it's very well done. Both Blondell and Powell obviously enjoyed one-upping each other as they raced to solve the crime (stolen diamonds) before the other. Blondell, whose trade-mark in Hollywood was being tough, wise-cracking and sexy broad, played Mary Vance the same way.


Contributed by Jack French.

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