Stop the Presses!

Picasso Smith
Created by Hugh Lessig

PICASSO SMITH, hardboiled scribbler for The Frisco Foil tabloid ("Boldly Printing the Truth and Mayhem"), circa 1931-58, is the star of a string of on-line short stories and vignettes by Hugn Lessig that harken back to the days of the pulps.

Picasso's a general assignment reporter, with no time for guff, or, evidently, cleaning his spitoon. According to his online bio, his favorite story story about the Foil is this one:

"It's my first day on the job. I walk into the newsroom and my editor hands me a gun. He says, "there's a guy in the conference room who wants to talk to you. Go in there." And I say, "What's the gun for?" And my editor says, "You may need it. He claims he killed a guy." So I walk in the room and there's this sniveling snip of a guy. He looks at me and says, "What's that gun for?" And I say, "If you don't talk, I'll have to shoot you. That's the way it is around here."

The guy sang like a bird and I got a great story. The cops read the confession in the paper and locked him up. Afterwards, my editor said: "Smith, you were kind of soft on that guy. Next time, wing'em in the shoulder with that heater. We've got a reputation here."

And that's the kinda guy Picasso is. And, in true pulp fashion, he's surrounded by some great supporting characters, such as Foil editor Lazurus Flint, photographer Bulbs Moore, and private detective Blanche Henrico.

And, from the look of things, it turns out there's a chip off the old block. Lately, stories featuring Picasso Smith, Jr., who's moved east to sling words for The River City Blade, have been popping up.

Author Hugh Lessig, besides being a contributor to this site, is a newspaper reporter himself in the Richmond, Virginia area. He writes fiction in his spare time -- mostly to blow off steam. His stories honor the spirit of the hardboiled newspaperman, including his hero Kennedy, the hard-drinking reporter created by Frederick Nebel, but add Lessig's own quirky sense of humour. Besides Picasso et fils, he writes about another Foil newshawk, Alamo Barnes, whose adventures take place right about now. Great stories, all. Find 'em and read 'em.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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