Gun Pederson
Created by L.L. Enger

Another ex-jock P.I. When injuries forced him from the game, former Detroit Tiger all-star GUN PEDERSEN (that's the Minnesota spelling, you betcha) headed for the woods and the peaceful life. Unfortunately, trouble seems to have a way of finding him. File him under reluctant P.I.'s.

If you know baseball, Gun's a right-handed Al Kaline-type, only larger, at six-foot-six, and 230 pounds or so. He lives alone in northern Minnesota, his wife having died in an auto accident leaving him after she found out he was cheating on her. As part of his morning routine, he hits 50 or so balls every morning, till he hits three into Stony Lake.

His sometime partner, Jack LaSalle, is a cross between Milo Sturgis (Dr. Alex Delaware's police contact) and Joe Pike (Elvis Cole's monosylabalic pal), except that Jack's straight and speaks more than 5-word sentences. Jack runs the local bar, Jack be Nimbles.

Gun's paramour is editor of the local paper and, as any worthwhile recurring mystery character in the new biz does, often uncovers what was meant to be hidden. Her name is Carol. His formerly-estranged daughter Mazy is in Minneapolis and also a newshound, very brash and head strong, the same mental makeup of his significant other.



Contributed by Beeper.

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