Chic Mooney
Created by Mark Ricketts, Rick Conread & Alan Sherter

It's like, 1959, and CHIC MOONEY is a beatnik private eye, a "dark, brooding seeker of truth with bad hair and a genius for solving mysteries," in this cult-fave comic book series published to great reviews, but not many sales, by Caliber in the mid-nineties. Chic's not into violence, although his pal, and sometime-partner Mr. Queeg isn't afraid to raise a little fuss. Creator Mark Ricketts has this to say about Chic: "He's Jack (Kerouac), the quizzical. Queeg is the other kind of hipster- the flipster. He's Neal (Cassady) , the sensualist."

Stylish, well-detailed, even literate, a trip back to the past that's a blast!

"Chandler mixes it up with Kerouac in the bowels of Bohemia! ...evokes Marlowe and Spade touched with the spirit of a dharma bum. Poetry and bebop meet hard-boiled grit in a riffs-n-stiffs thriller....It's a crime cocktail with a Beatnik twist," according to the blurbs, and it's just an awesome, woefully-under-rated comic book that shoulda been a contender.

Don't be a square, man. Like, can you dig it?


    (1995, Caliber Comics)
    48 pages, one-shot
    Script and art by Mark Ricketts
    (1995, Caliber Comics)
    4 issue mini-series
    Script and art by Mark Ricketts


  • NOWHERESVILLE... Buy this book
    (2002, Imge Comics)
    192 pages
    Script and art by Mark Ricketts
    Collects complete run of the series.


  • The Nowheresville Web Site
    An occular treat, worth digging, with Nowheresville laid down heavy. Also spotlights some of creator Mark Rickets' other work.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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