Billy Nguyen
Created by John Hartman and Stanley W. Shaw

"Mad. Bad. Dangerous to Know... BILLY NGUYEN: Mystery-Crackin' Gun-Totin' Money-Lovin' Coffee-Drinkin' Beer-Swillin' Free-Loadin' Motherfucker"

And that's just according to the T-shirts...

Billy is Seattle's hippest, most-irreverent, cooler-than-cool Vietnamese new wave private peeper, running on coffee and non-stop chatter, riding the 1980s' indie comix explosion and breaking the graphic fourth (or is it fifth?) wall, commenting on the script, the writers, the readers, etc. And the supporting cast seems to have stepped out of a Marx Brothers' flick.

A very cool comic, almost impossible to find these days.


    (1988, Attitude Zone)
    3 issues
    Scripts: John Hartman
    Art: Stanley W. Shaw.
  • "Powers What Am" (March 1988, #1)
  • "My Breakfast at Andy's" (June 1988, #2)
  • "K-Marche: Shpping Fun for Everyone" (October 1988, #3).
    (1990, Caliber Press)
    2 issues?
    Scripts: John Hartman
    Art: Stanley W. Shaw.
  • "Black and White and Dead All Over" (1990, #2)
  • "Funky Part Two" (unpublished?)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Keith for the lead.

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