D.B. Murphy
Created by Richard J. Thomas

Former blacksmith (Darn those new-fangled automobiles!) turned prohibition-era private eye D.B. MURPHY plies his trade in Ontario's Grey and Bruce Counties out by Owen Sound. In his debut, Gas Head Willy (shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award), he's hired to track down a missing veteran but soon finds himself pitted against two vicious bootleggers.

It's all good fun in a soft-boiled way, as D.B., Scotty the horse (I kid you not) and D.B.'s pal Oddball fight the good fight and navigate some of the quirkier, less-traveled highways and biways of Canadian history. But it would be wrong to simply dismiss this series. Like Alexander McCall Smith's Precious Ramotswe, the easy-going charm of the series belies the craft and intelligence underneath.

Richard, a former broadcaster turned (almost) full time writer, supposedly wrote Gas Head Willy during a three day novel-writing binge. Several more novels in the series and an omnibus edition of the first three books have since followed, all by Owen Sound's tiny Ginger Press.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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