J.D. Mulroy
Created by Richard R. Werry (1916-1987)

J.D MULROY's a lady gumshoe from Michigan, a sort of easy-going, grown-up version of Nancy Drew, according to one blurb I read, although at least one of the influences of her creator seems to be a bit more contemporary. Aiding her in her investigations, besides the obligatory female eye's large circle of friends and associates is one Ahmad Dakar, a 6'8" black ex-Marine and former pro football player turned karate instructor who plays HAWK to J.D.'s Spenser.

Supposedly the two books featuring J.D. and Ahmad, Casket for a Lying Lady (1985) and A Delicately Personal Matter (1987), are quite enjoyable, both funny and terrifying, and showed plenty of promise. Unfortunately the author, who had previouslyWerry also wrote written two mysteries, Hammer Me Home and Where Town Begins, way back in the fifties, died shortly after the publication of the second book of the J.D. series.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with further information from David Nobriga.

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