Created by Sydney Sheldon

Art Carney plays MORGENS, a rumpled, eccentric Chicago gumshoe who lives in a dumpy apartment surrounded by timepieces and way too many cats, in a memorable (if not central) role in the film adaptation of The Naked Face (1970), an Edgar-winning Sidney Sheldon novel that the New York Times called "the best first mystery of the year."

Morgens is hired by psychoanalyst Dr. Judd Stevens (Roger Moore) who chooses his name at random from the Yellow Pages at random, after the police try to link him with several murders.

Carney also played a private eye in 1977's The Late Show.



    (1984, Cannon)
    103 minutes
    Screenplay by Bryan Forbes
    Based on ther novel by Sidney Sheldon
    Directed by Bryan Forbes
    Starring Roger Moore, Rod Steiger, Elliot Gould
    and Art Carney as MORGENS
    Also featuring
    Anne Archer, David Hedison, Deanna Dunagan, Ron Parady

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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