Case Morgan

Created by Don Lomax

Case Morgan Gumshoe Private Eye is the rather redundant running title of a string of comic shorts that appeared in skin mags, most notably Gent, in the 1980's, and were later collected and reprinted in the early nineties by Forbidden Fruit, a small comic book publisher specializing in "adult" comics.

Of course, the outlandish, albeit sparse, plots are really just an excuse to depict the amourous adventures of lecherous private dick CASE MORGAN, a bearded gent who just happens to be particularly well endowed (naturally). Almost all women in the strip have obscenely humungous breasts (of course), and are in dire need (of course) of Case's special talents. And of course he's always "up" for the job.

"And," as they say, "that's just the way it goes for a gumshoe private eye like Case Morgan."

Possibly the ultimate nadir of the comic book private eye, juvenile and offensive in, oh, so many ways. If only they were funny.


  • Written (and drawn?) by Don Lomax

  • "The Zombie's Return" (October 1982, Gent)
  • "South of the Border Where The Titty Freaks Thrive" (May 1984, Gent)
  • "The International Free-Style Balloon Regatta for Carnal Malcontents" (Sept. 1984, Gent)
  • "The Case of Commissioned Sex" (January 1990, Gent)


    (early nineties, Forbidden Fruit)

At least 14 issues, containing reprints.

Respectfully submitted (snicker, snicker) by Kevin Burton Smith.

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