Dek Elstrom

Created by Jack Fredrickson

If you're looking for a wallow in the gritty, and occasionally violent world of a professional bodyguard, the smarty-pants adventures of affable but ineffectual lunkhead WARREN KINGSLEY probably aren't going to float your boat.

The problem with Warren is that, well, he's just not very good at his job. In fact, he kind of sucks at it, with his clients ending up dead with alarming frequency. Which can really limit a fellow's job opportunities.

Just how inept is Warren as a bodyguard? The fact he ends up having to hire a bodyguard, Mahrute, for himself, may give you a clue.

Seems Warren's easily distracted, the "enemy of follow-through and the god of short attention." Which is a big enough problem for anyone -- never mind someone whose occupation depends in large part on not being distracted. Ever!

But it's made even worse by the fact that Warren seems to inhabit a world of eccentrics, each more distracting than the next.

Whereas Warren himself is just about as blandly normal as possible. He's well-dressed, well-spoken and handsome, but "without being excessive about it;" able to pass himself off easily as a lawyer or a stockbroker. In his spare time, he likes to cook, and like his the author, enjoys a good bowl of soup.

Picture Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak wandering through a Groucho-less Marx Bros. film, or maybe Shell Scott re-imagined by P.G. Wodehouse, and you're almost there. Oh, and don't be misled by the cartoonish covers -- these books aren't kid stuff. People DO get killed -- much to Warren's dismay.

According to his bio, Sherban (rhymes with "bourbon") splits his time between Maryland and Maine, and has often been called, although I'm not sure by who, the "next PG Wodehouse." Or at the very least the current Sherban Young, I guess.


  • "The Cacciatore Conundrum" (October 2016).. Kindle it!
  • "The Riverside Rejoinder" (December 2016).. Kindle it!



The author's official hangout.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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