Created by Nikita Filatov

"The laws are bad; no one will argue with that."
-- Vinogradov in "Static."

One of the few Russian private eyes I've come across, Nikita Filatov's VINOGRADOV started out as a militia inspector, but later on in the series became a true private detective, taking on clients and everything in a series of dark, cynical stories and books by St. Petersberg writer Nikita Filatov, full of "cheap vodka, random acquantances, human misery and endless human nastiness " (from "4:15 Moscow Time").

The bleak outlook, according to Anthony Alcott in Russian Pulp (2001), is that in post-Communist Russia "authors seem to have difficulty imagining private clients who are not at least as represhensible as the people whom those clients would hire the imagined private detectives to investigate" leading Vinogradov to conclude that his cleitns are "Swindlers, I guess. All of them."


  • "Electronically Tested"
  • "Static"
  • "4:15 Moscow Time"


  • Provereno elecronikoy (1995)
    Translates as "Electronically Tested"


  • Myshelovka (1996)
    Translates as "Mousetrap"
  • Safari Mayora Vinogradov (1997)
    Translates as "Major Vinogradov's Safari"


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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