Tuna Carpaccio
reated by Josh Dunlap & Tony Chavira

How did I miss this one?

Dunderhead private eye Albacore Melt Carpaccio, better known as TUNA CARPACCIO, hit the mean streets of an unnamed city, knocking on doors, taking down names and generally making a fool of himself in a delightfully tongue-in-cheek web comic by Josh Dunlap (art) and Tony Chavira (words) that ran from 2008 to 2011 and totally savaged the P.I. genre in the process.

Tuna's one hard-boiled dick, alright. Dogged, determined, relentless and fearless. He definitely has a pair. It's just too bad he hasn't got a clue.

He leaves a wide swath of destruction in his wake, as he battles a series of colourful villains that wouldn't be out of place in Dick Tracy, but the principal victim of his bungled cases seems to always be hard-working Detective Aurora Malta, whose investigations seem to go belly up whenever Tuna's in the vicinity.

No wonder she can't stand him. Mind you, the fact that the egotistical buffoon seems oblivious to this -- and that he keeps hitting on her -- doesn't help.

The strip -- which is mercifully still online -- was a real hoot. Writer Chavira knows the P.I. genre inside and out and has no problem poking big ass holes in some of its most beloved tropes, while artist Dunlap brings a number of delightful graphic and typographic tricks to the proceedings, creating a noir landscape that seems as much Hanna-Barbera as RKO.


    (April 14, 2008-March 21, 2011)
    Art by Josh Dunlap
    Written by
    Tony Chavira

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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