Pamela Thompson & Jeremiah Prescott
Created by Charles O'Brien

It's 1892 in New York City and America's Gilded Age is steamrolling along, flattening out anyone who gets in its way: women, minorities, workers and all the other teeming masses who don't quite make the grade.

When her banker husband Jack kills himself after losing their home and her family inheritance after investing in some dubious stocks offered to him by Henry Jennings, the notorious "Copper King," thirty-seven year-old widow PAMELA THOMPSON ("still well proportioned and slim enough to do without a corset") is more or less tossed out on the street.

She finally finds shelter in an East Side rooming house, and turns to former family attorney and handsome man about town JEREMIAH PRESCOTT, ("rumored to be an unpatriotic freethinker") who also provides investigative and security, and he promptly puts her to work, in Death of a Robber Baron (2013)..

Acting as a store dick at Macy's department store, she favorably impresses Lydia, Jennings' wife, who asks Pamela to look into a theft at the Jennings' "cottage" in the Berkshires. But when Henry is murdered, Pamela and Jeremiah must find out the truth.

The first in a proposed series.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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