Alexander L'Hiboux (The Owl)

Created by Bob Forward

For those of you who like a little pulp baked right into the mix, you ought to get a kick out of Bob Forward's two explosive books featuring private eye and justice-for-hire ALEXANDER L'HIBOUX, whose street name is "THE OWL."

1980s Los Angeles is busting at the seams, caught up in crime, corruption and social unrest, and the police are mostly useless -- when they're not part of the problem. That's when you turn to The Owl.

He lost his ability to sleep in the tragedy that destroyed his family, so now he trudges up and down the mean streets,just another homeless guy. Except for this whole other thing he's got going, where he's an uneasy mix of The Punisher, Batman, and The Equalizer, out to dish up justice for those who can't get it any other way, and wreaking havoc on those he's decided must be punished.

The author likes to blow things up good. Real good. Besides working as a writer, artist, director and producer for novels, comic books and children's television, he runs a pyrotechnic special effects business on the side. He tends to have noisy dreams.


  • "The Owl starts off over the top and builds from there. There's action aplenty. The Owl absorbs more punishment than any two or three or four people in other novels."

-- Bill Crider


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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