The P.I. Experiment

Created by Adam & Charlie Flint

I'm not even sure how to file this failed cyber-pilot (it only aired online) that was supposed to be the bait to crowd source enough money for a television series.

It didn't work. But it did look interesting.

ADAM and CHARLIE FLINT are two would-be Coens, a pair of young film geek siblings from Vancouver who decide to make a docudrama web-series that follows around a real-life private investigation agency.

The catch is that, of course, no respectable agency would ever consider allowing a film crew -- much less these two doofuses -- to follow them around. As in, what part of "private" did the Flints not under stand?

But eventually they do find a struggling agency desperate enough to them to film them "in action." Because they need the cash.

Only problem is that ALEX MILLS' agency, The Detective Mill, is almost as hapless and incompetent as their two videographers.

It consists of a motley crew of, in her own words, "somewhat professional misfit P.I.s."

Misfits? Hah!

Try oddballs. Try dorks. Try bozos. Try degenerates. Most of them are lousy at their job. A few of them don't even seem to know what their jobs are.

And it's all played straight, with the Flints using "in your face" documentary style to great effect; a sort of cut-rate reality-show version of Spinal Tap meets SCTV; A little bit squirmy, a little bit dark, but a whole lot of fun. One viewer likened it to watching "a bad car crash" -- I'd say it's more like a good car crash.

Too bad it didn't catch on.


  • THE P.I. EXPERIMENT... Watch it on YouTube
    (2015, Sugar Skill Films)
    Written & directed by Ani Kyd
    Starring Ani Kyd as ALEX MILLS
    Graem Beddoes as ADAM FLINT
    Charlie Nesbitt as CHARLIE FLINT
    C. Ernst Harth as CARY
    Heather Kyd as RONNIE
    Mark Gibbon as DOUG
    Vicklyn Fleming as JESSE
    Jeffrey Kaiser as JACKSON
    and Alex Diakun as The One-Armed Man (aka "Token Homeless Guy."
    Also starring June B. Wilde, QuinnFox, Ryan John Phillips, John Pisarski

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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