Talbot Singh

Created by DH Richards

"When facing the unknown, go slowly and carefully"

New authorRichards brings a solid hard-boiled tone to his first novel Levels (2016), a sci-fi detective story which follows the exploits of small time private "assist" TALBOT SINGH.

Basically, you hire Talbot if your family has a problem that needs fixing or sorting out, be it domestic, financial or criminal. Talbot's happy enough plying his trade on Level 29, in a stratiated, massive mile-high city where the wealthier you are, the higher you live -- in other words, "high class" is meant to be taken literally.

Supposedly there are seventy layers, although nobody Talbot knows actually knows for sure.

Almost thirty, "Tal" lives with his parents, and dreams of one day having his own palce. Maybe even getting married.

Suffice it to say Talbot has a ways to go.

But when a jeweler is shot to death in his store, and the family hires him to look into it, the investigation takes Talbot all the way from the gang-ridden Level 8 all the way to the rarefied, almost Trumpian airs of Level 45.

It's a hoot watching him work. Shrewd, sharp-eyed, excessively polite and calmly methodical, but under the quiet exterior, there's a core of true grit and dogged resolve.


  • "In the spirit of Asimov's The Caves of Steel, Richards merges an oppressive dystopian city with futuristic detective work in this genre-busting page turner."

-- Jake Kerr



SciFi P.I.'s

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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