Newsroom Eyes

Sully Carter

Created by Neely Tucker

"Anybody who can't file drunk... oughta turn in their press card."

-- Sully's motto, in The Way of the Dead

SULLY CARTER is a hot-shot investigative reporter for the Washington DC Metrodefiantly sticking his nose where it's not wanted in the nation's capital.

Oh, sure, occasionally someone wants to punch his ticket for good, but all in all, tooling around town in his Ducati 916 bike, drinking bourbon and shaking up the powers-that-be is still better than being back in Bosnia working as a war correspondent, from where he returned, as he puts it, "blown up and fucked up."

The author, Neely Tucker, is a journalist himself, and is currently a staff writer at The Washington Post Sunday Magazine. He lives with his family in Maryland.


  • "Tucker's Sully Carter novels have quickly sneaked up on me as one of my favorite new series."

-- Sarah Weinman


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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