Stella Hardesty
Created by Sophie Littlefield

Okay, Littlefield's sassy STELLA HARDESTY isn't really a private eye -- she's more of a gifted amateur driven by a sense of rough justice.

Imagine the illegitimate child of Dirty Harry and Miss Marple all grown up; a cranky, unapologetically middle-aged widow running a sewing shop in the dozy backwater of Prosper, Missouri, who doesn't put much truck in men who abuse women. A widow and survivor of domestic violence herself, she's taken it upon herself to help out battered women whether it's discouraging stalkers, retrieving abducted children or laying a little serious whup ass on some deserving good ol' boy.

And I mean whup ass. People get hurt in this series.

But it's not all gloom and doom. Littlefield deftly injects a surprising amount of humour into the proceedings. Still, like Janet Evanovich, whose Stephanie Plum this series is endlesslessly compared to, Littlefiled manages a delicate balance, adding a little hard-boiled spit and grit to the proceedings to prevent it all from flying off into space.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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