December 31, 2011

Thomas St. Cyr
Created by Kevin Burton Smith

Okay, you caught me.

You've all been had.

In the tradition of cyber-egomaniacs everywhere, The Thrilling Detective Web Site is actually just a hollow shill; a blast of blatant self-promotion disguised as a reference site, to plug my so-far unpublished (and possibly never to-be-published) stories featuring Montreal barfly and off-the-books private eye THOMAS St. CYR...

Given that the site's been around since 1998 or so and this is the first time I've mentioned St. Cyr in these pages, I figure I oughtta get some sort of long con award.

But the plan is that by the end of this year (or maybe the next) I will get a few stories, including a few featuring St. Cyr, published. It's been too fucking long since I've had any fiction published. And publicly outting myself like this -- something I'm still not comfortable with -- may be the only way to get myself off my ass and finally do it.

Some of 'em are in progress; a depressingly large number of stuff just need tweaking. And self-confidence.

But essentially, St. Cyr's an unlicneced private eye who works as a sort of "sous la table" private eye, mostly for various people who don't necessarily want to go to the cops (illegal immigrants, thieves, hookers, strippers, politicians, etc.). In my mind, it'll be a cross between Norbert Davis' Max Latin and Chandler's Marlowe, with a dash of Mordecai Richler tweaking of the powers-that-be just to piss everyone off.

He hangs out at La bar sans nom on the west side of the Main, up near Rachel.


  • "They were all whooping it up, the optimism and booze flowing freely, excitedly waiting for the new year. I was nursing a beer, my back to the walll. I just wanted to make sure the old one left."
    St. Cyr rings in the New Year in "A World in White"

  • "Facebook, my ass. I remember when 'friend' was a noun. And actually meant something."


  • "So Much It Hurts" (unpublished)
  • "Lap Dance for a Dead Man" (unpublished)
  • "A Cross for Ste. Catherine" (unpublished)
  • "A World in White" (unpublished)


  • "The Hard Stuff" (unpublished)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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