Spike Bludgeon
d by Marion Mainwaring

Murder in Pastiche (1954) is some kinda classic; a sharp, spot-on spoof of fictional detectives that lays waste to nine (count 'em, NINE!) of them.

The world's greatest gumshoes find themsleves on board the R. M. S. Florabunda as it sails from Liverpool to New York. Of course, murder soon rears its ugly head, and M. Atlas Poireau (Hercule Poirot), Sir Jon. Nappleby (Sir John Appleby), Jerry Pason (Perry Mason), Broderick Tourneur (Roderick Alleyn), Trajan Beare (Nero Wolfe), Miss Fan Sliver (Miss Silver), Mallory King (Ellery Queen), and Lord Simon Quinsey (Lord Peter Wimsey) rush to discover the culprit.

But by far the funniest -- and sharpest, or at least nastiest --spoof is that of SPIKE BLUDGEON (Mike Hammer). Bludgeon is a complete psycho, shown as willing to kill just about anyone to get to the truth, and there are a slew of in-jokes for those familiar with Spillane's work.

But adding to the fun is the fact that Mainwaring also apes each author's writing style, making each detective's contribution to the solution appropriate in terms of the kind of investigation they usually conduct.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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