Sonny Burton

Created by Larry D. Sweazy

"The glass exploded out of the back window of the Chevrolet sedan like somebody had thrown a brick from the inside out. Once he saw the muzzle flash it only took Sonny Burton half a second to realize somebody had takern a shot at him."

Having lost his right arm in a gun battle with Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, SONNY BURTON is forced to resign from the Texas Rangers.

But real Rangers never really quit, so it's not long before Sonny's back in the game, agreeing to help out the hospital janitor whose daughter has gone missing, in the hard, tight A Thousand Falling Crows (2016), a promising debut which pretty much nails Depression-era Texas to the wall.

Known primarily for his westerns (he's won a couple of spur awards), Sweazy manages to capture the wind-blown dust and dirt of the Texas Panhandle country, and then peppers his story with dead-on dialogue and laser-sharp characterization.


  • "It's all bitter dust, flying lead, charging V-8s, and a nation desperately on the edge. And in today's hostile climate involving law enforcement, it's as timely as an update on CNN. It's our very good fortune that heroes like Sonny Burton always seem to come along just when we need them most."

-- Loren D. Estleman

  • "Sweazy is a fine storyteller with an eye for detail and an ear for dialogue. A Thousand Falling Crows is a real winner that will have readers hoping itís the first of a new series."

-- Bill Crider

  • "Sweazy dropped me into Depression-era Texas, a setting so authentic that I could almost feel the hot, dry sun beating down on me and the dust in my eyes... This man knows how to tell a story!"

-- David Thurlo


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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