Silas Cade

Created by Mike Cooper (pseudinym of Michael Wiecek)

Sort of a freelance repo man for the financial big boys, ex-Black Ops vet SILAS CADE calls himself an "accountant," albeit one who keeps off the grid and prefers to work in the shadows.

He specializes in demanding "clawback" -- that is, the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal when it heads south. But we're talking millions of dollars here, so the stakes are often sky-high, and surprise, surprise, sometimes people don't want to give all that money back.

And here's another surpise: sometimes, people who lose other people's money, like, um, oh, say investment bankers, hedge fund managers and the like, well, sometimes they aren't particularly nice people. Or as universally beloved as they'd like.

Which is what happens in Clawback (2012). Some of Cade's clients -- who represent some of the biggest financiers on Wall Street -- start turning up dead, and Cade teams up with a scoop-hungry blogger to try and find out what's going on.

Suffice it to say some stuff goes boom, and some asses get kicked.

And he was soon at it again, in Full Ratchet (2013). Imagine Die Hard's John McClain as a CPA.

Mike Cooper is the pen name of a former jack-of-all-trades, who also writes about Finn, a professional thief who only steals really big things. Winner of a Shamus Award (under his real name) for his short story "A Death in Ueno," featuring Japanese private investigator Masakazu Sakonju, he's also been nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award for a previous novel (also under another name). He lives in Boston with his wife and two children.

Possibly under his own name.

He says...


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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