Sebastian Damon

Created by Christopher R. Cox

"Sometimes God smiles on foolish shamans and small children...and even on wayward private detectives."

Suddenly, Bangkok seems to be experiencing a mini-boom in ex-pat private eyes.

Christopher G. Moore's Vinnie Calvino may have kicked off the trend way back in the early nineties, but by the turn of the millenium, all sorts of interesting private eyes had started to plow down some of Thailand's meanest streets.

That most definitely include SEBASTIAN "BASS" DAMON, a former reporter turned Boston private eye who's been hired by an insurance company to investigate a possibly fraudulent death claim on a young banking executive from Boston, supposedly found dead of a heroin overdose in a Bangkok tourist room.

Readers will be drawn to Damon's all-too-human character (he's nowhere as hard-boiled and jaded as he'd like to be, although he puts on a good show) and thanks to his sturdy narrative voice, there's a fresh, fish-out-of-water perspective that helps bring the tawdry, wild side of Bangkok demimonde to life, in A Good Death (2013), Damon's only appearance to date.

But A Good Death is more than a good P.I. tale -- about halfway through, it shapeshifts into a rollicking adventure that takes Damon out of Thailand and plunges him into the heart of darkness of the wild, untamed mountains along the Laos-Vietnam border, a land of violence, malaria, corporate greed run amok, genocide and and savage beauty.

The author is an award-winning journalist with decades of experience traveling in and reporting on Southeast Asia.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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