Samuel Craddock

Created by Terry Shames

The former police chief of the small town of Jarrett Creek, Texas, SAMUEL CRADDOCK, finds out retirement isn't going to be quite as peaceful as he'd hoped.

Seems his replacement is a hopeless drunk who couldn't "investigate his way out of an outhouse with two doors," according to a local attorney.

So when Craddock's old pal Dora Lee Parjeter is murdered, he reluctantly steps in, in A Killing at Cotton Hill (2013), the first in a promising new series.

Unfortunately, considering the purview of this site, when Craddock steps in, he does so well that he's re-elected chief.

Still, a pretty good series, and despite the badge, Craddock operates in an independent mode familiar to fans of such "cops" as Harry Bosch, Dave Robicheaux et al.


  • "Terry Shames does small-town Texas crime right, and A Killing at Cotton Hill is the real thing. It has humor, insight, and fine characters. Former chief of police Samuel Craddock is a man readers are going to love, and they'll want to visit him and Jarrett Creek, Texas, often."

-- Bill Crider


  • A Killing at Cotton Hill (2013)...Buy this book..Kindle it!
  • The Last Death of Jack Harbin (2014)
  • Dead Broke in Jarett Creek (2014)
  • A Deadly Affair at Bobcat Ridge (2015)
  • The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake (2016)
  • An Unsettling Murder for Samuel Craddock (2017)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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