Phryne Fisher Sam Blackman

Sam Blackman

Created by Mark de Castrique

SAM BLACKMAN was a Chief Warrant Officer in the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the U.S. military until he lost aleg in Iraq and he was shipped back Stateside. But his stinging and outspoken criticism of his medical treatment had him shuffled over to the VA Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, where they figured he'd keep his mouth shut. No such luck.

Now the disabled veteran is putting his life back together, running the Asheville-based Blackman & Robertson Detective Agency, serving clients all over the mountains of North Carolina with his partner and lover Nakayla Robertson, and still railing against injustice. That'll teach 'em.

So far, Sam and Nakayla have appeared in five novels, all marked by finely rendered local colour, historical detail, the two detectives' evolving and credible relationship and Sam's dogged determination to face life head-on.

An author and television producer and director, Mark de Castrique is based in Charlotte, NC. and has numerous mystery novels to his credit.


  • Blackman's Coffin (2008)
  • The Fitzgerald Ruse ( (2010)
  • The Sandburg Connection (2011)
  • A Murder in Passing (2013)
  • A Specter of Justice (2015)...Buy the book..Buy the audio.Kindle it!



The author's official web site.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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