XX: Dirty Eyes

Rick Knight
Created by Jack Burns

For those looking for a steamy romp with a private dick who gets the joke, you might try retro-pulp Hollywood eye RICK KNIGHT whose escapades were originally by Xerosia, a long defunct web publisher in 2000. They were written by a Shamus and Anthony Nominee writing as Jack Burns.

Sure, Knight can't seem to keep his fly zipped, but the stories themselves are far better than they have any right to be. That's because "Rick Knight" was the author's original take on what would eventiually become his series character .

As the author relates, "The three Rick Page novellas were some of the first PI stuff I ever sold ... coming right after the sale of... a story that subsequently appeared in one of Randisi's PWA anthologies. In fact, I went through a period of time when -- between porn and crime on the internet -- I was never rejected. It's a time when I sold almost 300 of my now 400+ short stories."

"In the 70s I also wrote for Midwood Books. In fact, 17 of my first 23 novels were with Midwood. Midwood did some of Lawrence Block's, as well as some of Dean Koontz's. I think Koontz wrote under the nom 'Tor Kung.' I have also heard that Block put a best-selling lesbian novel or two through there. That all may be just rumor, but I don't think so... But what the hell. I'm still learning to write."


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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