Richard Dean Buckner
Created by Derek Kelly (pseudonym of Ryan Sayles)

"In Saint Ansgar, what doesn't kill you only makes you wish it did"

Sometimes a town gets the gero it deserves. And Saint Ansgar, a cranky, nasty slice of violence and corruption, has RICHARD DEAN BUCKNER. He spent fifteen years there as a cop, eventually working homicide, but it didn't end well.

As he puts it, "I got fucked at the end, but not the good kind."

Thing is, Buckner's not the retiring kind, so he dusts himself off and hangs out a shingle as a private investigator.

He's (almost) making it as a private detective, but he's not exactly happy about it. So woe unto those who come between him, his .44 Magnum and his clients. Suffice it to say that he has a few anger management issues and a little bit of an attitude:

Like the man says, "My name is Richard Dean Buckner. This is my goddamn town."

As Snubnose Press puts it in one of their blurbs, "Dirty Harry as a PI for the new millennium? Sounds about right to me."

Sounds about right to me, too.

Derek Kelly (actually Ryan Sayles) was born and raised in the Midwest, and his short fiction has been published in,, Heroin Love Songs, Powder Burn Flash, SNM Horror Magazine and Nefarious Muse.


  • "Contact Shots Are Bad Like That" (April 2010, Beat to a Pulp #71; by Derek Kelly)
  • "One-sided Conversation" (July 2011, Shotgun Honey; by Derek Kelly)
  • "Roach Motel Reputation" (August 2011, Crime Factory; by Derek Kelly)
  • "In Defense of Castles in the Air (December 2012, Crime Factory)


  • The Subtle Art of Brutality (2012)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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