Ray Grant, Jr.
Created by Colin Harrison

In Brooklyn authoer Colin Harrison's ambitious, wide-ranging noir The Finder (2008), RAY GRANT, Jr. is a burned out former New York firefighter still trying to cope with 9/11 and its aftermath, struggling to take care of his father, Ray Grant Sr., an aging NYPD detective who's dying of cancer.

Meanwhile, his ex, the beautiful Jin-Li, has been slowly but steadily been ripping off Good Pharma, the company that employs her cleaning service, for years.

Seems her "girls" (mostly illegal immigrants) are doing more than a little dusting and vacuuming. Instead of shredding sensitive documents and disposing of them, they've been helping Jin-Li pass them on to her brother Chen, who's been using the them to manipulate stock prices.

When Jin-Li goes missing, everyone thinks Ray knows where she is -- and they want him to find her NOW. But then, with mobsters, ruthless Wall Street tycoons and a whackjob killer start threatening him, he doesn't have much choice, does he?


  • "Brilliant . . . recalls Tom Wolfe's best-selling The Bonfire of the Vanities, but this is a far darker story and a far more interesting one. Harrison's Big Apple is rotten to the core."
    The Washington Post

  • "Harrison writes like Rambo on meth and throws in enough black humor to prove he's more brains than brawn. . . . The Finder's a keeper."
    USA Today


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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