J. Pletcher & Raina Lambert

Created by Lloyd Biggles, Jr.

"The richer the client, the messier the job."

-- J. Pletcher's motto

J(awhol) PLETCHER is a hot-shot "Investigative Consultant" for Lambeert & Associates, a high-priced agency run by the mercurial and mercenary RAINA LAMBERT, in a series of genial, generally light-hearted capers which take him to Vegas, Oklahoma, Ohio and other exotoc climes. usually on the behalf of clients with far more money than sense.

The author, Lloyd Biggles, Jr., was a well known science fiction author, celebrated for his sense of humour and his quirky characters. He was also a mystery buff, and wrote several short stories revolving around Grandfather Rastin, which ran in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine for years. A sucker for the Edwardian and Victorian periods in England, he penned several short stories spotlighting Victorian sleuth, Lady Sara Varnley that appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and a couple of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. But most significantly, perhaps, were the several sci-fi detective novels he wrote that that combined both his passions, featuring New York City P.I. Jan Darzek, your typical hard-boiled sleuth of the late fifties/early sixties, defending assorted worlds and galaxies in the "future" of 1985.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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